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History and Mission

Our practice has been operational for over 20 years (first in Ormonde and now in Southdale) and we pride ourselves in providing quality specialised eye-care with the ability to examine, treat and help more complex visual issues including for children from infants upwards.

We use the latest equipment combined with a passion for perfection and unique skill set to ensure your visual needs are not just met but exceeded. We have a close relationship with eye specialists, OT’s, Educational psychologists and other professionals to maintain the highest standards of optometric care.

Specialised Services

  • Paediatric vision examinations from infants upwards using latest high tech equipment
  • Vision therapy and binocular vision evaluations
  • Dyslexia evaluations (in English and Afrikaans)
  • Computerized Eye Tracking and reading analysis using state of the art infra-red technology
  • Coloured lens/filter evaluation for visually related learning difficulty and dyslexia (Meares-Irlen syndrome)
  • Visually Related Learning Difficulty Evaluations including Visual Perception Testing
  • Vision Therapy (custom designed)
  • Comprehensive visual examinations
  • Hard and soft contact lens examinations and fitting (including coloured lenses)
  • Driver’s vision screening
  • Pensioner’s discounts and cash package deals for non-medical aid patients
  • Large range of specialized kiddies frames (500+) including designer brands like Ray Ban, Oakley, Disney Princess, Frozen, Cars, Spiderman and so on
  • Adult frames to suit your individual style and pocket
  • Package deals available – includes frame and lenses (from R750)
  • Most medical aids accepted
  • School vision screenings

Exciting new Eye-tracking system!

One of the most exciting new innovations we offer is an infra-red Eye-Tracking system, combined with state of the art software that can be used to accurately assess eye movements while reading and provide detailed reports.

We are one of very few practices in South Africa to have this new system.

We use age and grade appropriate material designed by us using the South African curriculum. This can be done in the child’s chosen language. This system can also be used to accurately assess eye movements such as pursuits and saccades. These eye tracking skills are important not only when reading but also for sports ability.

Have your child’s eye movement and reading analysis done now!

Coloured Lens Assessment and Evaluation for Visually related Learning Difficulty and Dyslexia

We now offer this service to any of our patient who might have dyslexia or a visually related learning difficulty.

Using state of the art computerised testing and software we can now determine whether a person suffers from Mearles-Irlen syndrome and whether they could perhaps benefit from specific coloured filters or lenses to aid them.

More Info on Meares-Irlen Syndrome

Did you know that your baby’s vision can be assessed from as young as newborn?

Don’t delay in having your child’s vision tested, as early intervention often can prevent serious complications.

Also make sure your child’s vision is as good as it should be especially when starting school. Often a simple visual examination before formal schooling starts helps to prevent learning problems due to poor vision.

If your child is having trouble at school it might be due to a Visual Perceptual problem or a Binocular Vision abnormality. We can assess all these areas and advise on treatment options. We work closely with Educational Psychologists, Remedial Teachers, OT’s and other paediatric professionals to ensure the best outcome for the child.

Medical Aid

We work with all major medical aids.

We also offer you a variety of payment options that suit your budget.
So come into the practice and see what we have to offer.

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